[CardMania Challenges] Around the World/ Околосветско пътешествие

CardMania Challenges zaprasza na czerwcowe wyzwanie, którego tematem jest 
To moja kartka w klimatach marynistycznych, zrobiona z papierów AltairArt i grafiki UHK Gallery. 

Challenge # 178 - 613 Avenue Create
Challenge Weeks #232-233 at WAW


  1. idelana , te Twoje warstwy niczym sztorm na morzu

  2. Howdy! Dropping by to say Thank you so much for entering your art work into WAW this week Anything Goes Challenge - where you can upload 5 pieces each week - a total of 10 opportunities to win a prize! Happy Dance - it is a blessing to have you come by and join the challenge - may your day be filled with fun and laughter and leaving you with this message "The Lord is Good - All of the Time" Blessings, Gail WAW DT

  3. Wspaniała. Świetnie skomponowana.

  4. Wspaniała. Świetnie skomponowana.

  5. I don't know how you made this look like it is being tossed to and fro on the high seas. Even the flowers counter balance the anchor and the gauze looks like sea foam and the color looks like a dark angry sea. Thank you so much for posting your very beautiful art in the #232-#233 - Anything Goes FF Word Art Wednesday Challenge.
    Blessings, Carole


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